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Getting involved: Community Spirit and Fun

No matter where you live, things are bound to have changed during the time of the pandemic. I feel incredibly fortunate to live along the Front Range in Colorado, where there has been an heroic effort to promote public safety while continuing to find creative ways to connect.

Niwot, in particular, has pivoted more than once in an effort to create events, support for businesses, fundraisers for town projects, and a bit of fun for everyone here. I’m so proud to be a part of these efforts and I’m happy to help you figure out how to get more involved in what’s happening near you.

Whether you’re a community leader, a business owner, an engaged resident, or someone looking to create more joy, these ideas are for you. Take them to heart, and let’s create a more loving and engaged world!

How to get involved

It can often be hard to know where to start, especially in the pandemic, when it comes to making connections, hosting events, and being involved in the community. The best place, in my opinion, is with your town’s website. They’ll list public events, notices, forums, and even local business happenings.

From there, find some local business people, organizations and groups you like and follow them on social media. Most small business owners are very active online now, which means they’re updating information regularly and promoting local goodies. Pay attention and you might find opportunities to get involved!

Think about Community Events

Ask around to see if there is a way to get involved in local events. Or step up and make something happen yourself! Event creation and launches can feel scary, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. What you’re doing benefits everyone, so they’ll want to lend a hand and you don’t have to take on absolutely everything yourself.

Talk to the businesses around you and ask them what they can offer (your local business association or Chamber of Commerce can help with this too). Set a date well in advance and begin preparations. Spread the word about what you have in mind and suggest some things that might make it fun (live music, food vendors, sidewalk sales, games for kids, etc).

Being active and asking people to care will generate positive energy and the momentum will lead to something great. I can’t wait to see what it is!

Things happening in Niwot

Niwot is always such a special case because it’s like nowhere else. Our business community and town committees have worked tirelessly to navigate the challenges of life during Covid-19 and the payoff can’t be denied.

Most notably, Niwot launched NEW events during the pandemic which included Sidewalk Sales, Après Ski Day, Lucky Niwot Day (a massive and safe St. Patrick’s Day celebration), and Downtown Niwot Holiday Magic (a vendor fest with a bunch of surprises). All the events featured music, kids activities, fun giveaways and sidewalk sales.

Additionally, the Love Niwot Walk (a passport to encourage local business purchasing) and Jumpstart January (a reward system for local business purchases) were huge successes. They took a team of people to create, but each local biz offered up something unique and it all came together!

However you decide to get involved, I hope you bring heart into your community! The world is so in need of love and community, and you’re helping to make that happen. So, thanks and keep it up! If you’d like to get involved in Niwot volunteering drop me a line and I can point you to some organizations who would love to get your help!

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