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Which Remodels Are Worth It?

Everyone has been looking at their homes with renewed interest after the last year. A swath of time stuck inside and fewer local spots available for hangouts might have encouraged you to look at your indoor (and outdoor) spaces through a different light. Perhaps, like so many of us, you don’t know where to start making changes, much less how to get the work done. What makes a good investment in today’s market? Let’s take a look:

Think Long-Term

Even if your remodel is a small undertaking, whatever you change should have in mind the potential resale value further down the line. We all know that painting your bathroom neon green might not bode so well for potential future buyers, but how do you navigate the different trends that are around right now and know where to invest your money?

It can be helpful to look online for what styles of home décor are trending now and maybe investigate how long they’re projected to stay popular for.

A recent Washington Post article* gave some tips  for trends that may not last, including the Modern Farmhouse trend (stick to small touches only),

design themes that don’t fit your home’s architecture (such as a beach theme in your mountain home) and the ubiquitous barn door trend – advising that pocket doors may be a better idea longer term.

The moral of the story? Just try a few elements of popular trends, rather than going all in…. if you’ve seen a lot of a specific trend, it may be a sign that it’s already on the way out….

While not all trends matter and some changes won’t drastically deter future buyers (or renters), some will. If you’re not sure if your idea is a little too wild for your real estate market, seek outside advice from professionals!

Get Help

Working with reputable companies is always a good idea to make sure your remodel will not only add value to the house, but also that it stays within rules for local permits, is structurally sound, and can withstand the elements around you (nature, children, pets, etc). While you may not want a professional to do all the work (hey, fellow DIY friend), they might help you craft a plan, decide on color and scheme, and get the details sorted.

Lots of local companies on the Front Range are happy to give estimates and advice before beginning a project, so be sure to check in. Porchfront Homes on 2nd Avenue here in Niwot are very experienced in what works well in this local market.

Focus on the Hotspots

It’s been my experience that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. They are the most-utilized spaces in a house and they often have the most obvious problems. If your kitchen and bathrooms are in disrepair or just don’t have pleasant energy and light, potential buyers (and your friends) might think twice. Trends are also very obvious in these rooms where there are more fixtures and design choices built right into the space – so updates her can really make a huge difference.

If you feel overwhelmed by where to begin – start in these rooms. Once you’ve got them done you might realize your other projects don’t matter as much, or simply that you’ve started to enjoy your home more because your high traffic spaces feel amazing!

Think Outside the House

Investing in your outdoors is always a great idea, especially in Colorado where, even in the bad weather, folks want to be in the elements! Updates to your yard could involve landscaping (or planting a veggie garden), updating patio furniture, completing an addition such as a new porch, or even making an outdoor kitchen area.

It doesn’t have to be all lawn either! If you’re not a fan of traditional grass yards there are lots of options for xeriscaping (using native, water-friendly plants and rocks) and turning your yard into a usable space. This also has the benefit of reducing your water usage – which is great for you and for the planet.

Pick a Theme

Whatever you decide to do, the one thing that’s crucial is consistency! Whether you’re going for mid-century modern or totally eclectic, try to revisit the theme clearly in each space you’re remodeling.

Paint colors, texture, décor, and materials all have an effect on the way the space comes together. If it feels clunky from room to room, potential buyers might feel overwhelmed. If you feel drawn to too many choices try a style quiz online and remember that clean and classic is always a good choice.


* Washington Post article:

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