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Back to School

I’m sure many of us are feeling an array of emotions when it comes to sending our kids back to school this fall! For some, this is simply what they’ve been doing and their children have been attending in-person with Covid-19 restrictions in place. For others, attending school might be a first-time experience.

Not to mention the whirlwind that is starting a new school year. We have to buy supplies, get ready for the rigorous schedule, and prepare for all the after-school activities! So how should we get ready?

Make the Best of Summer

Take the remainder of your Summer to soak up family time, catch some outdoor events, take a vacation, and bask in the pre-stress glory. Wherever you are, find some time to get into your local area. Explore the outdoors, head to your farmer’s market, take a scenic drive, or spend a day at the pool!

Niwot has a few events that run all Summer long! Rock & Rails continues until Labor Day and Dancing Under The Stars continues until Sep 10th. Plus the Sidewalk Sales happen monthly and you might find something incredible!

Talk to Your Kids

Now is the time to hatch a plan for both mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as physical health. Have conversations with your kids about how it might feel to have to be in school again. Ask them how they feel about socializing in large groups, being out of the house all day, and taking on the load of activities, clubs, projects, sports, and even tutoring.

Now is also a great time to talk about how you and your family will stay safe and Covid-free during the school year. Hatch a plan and keep it updated as the term progresses!

Get Ready, Get Set, Shop

Getting ready for school with new supplies, fresh backpacks, and enough notebooks to stock a library is one of my favorite end of Summer activities! Often this is viewed as an activity that solely benefits the students, but I think parents can get into that “back-to-school” mentality too.

Gearing ourselves up for the next phase of the year and creating goals and plans to achieve them is an immensely beneficial process. The run up to the holidays is always shorter than we think, so the more we can gear up and plan ahead, the less stress we’ll (probably) feel when we start hearing Christmas music in the store!

Look Forward to It

It can feel like a drudgery to get everything ready, check off all those to dos, and we may even feel sad that our kids have to go. As the world re-opens, it’s natural to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the activity. We may feel the urge to do it all (or do nothing at all), but try to remember to pace yourself and stay positive.

Treat the beginning of the school year like New Years! Set a few goals and be gentle if you don’t hit every resolution you make. Try your best to set yourself up for success and find moments of joy in the lead-up!

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