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Investing in your Outdoor Space

It isn’t just the spring fever that makes me want to be outdoors, it’s that many of us have spent far too much time indoors over the last year. We’re happy to be safe and healthy, and we’re ready to get back in the sunshine!

One of my favorite things to do every spring is to make my outdoor patio space into my summer oasis. It will be the space where I get to decompress after a long day with a crisp drink and a book or magazine – or just with my family. It’s important to put in a little bit of effort to get the truly relaxing payoff I want.

Why is it a good idea to update your outdoor space?

Not only is your yard an extension of your home, and therefore, its value, it’s also a space during these times where we can safely socially distance and have gatherings. Setting up your space to safely socialize and to beautify your yard is a win-win!

Keeping your yard up-to-date will also help you notice any maintenance issues, plant overgrowth, and wildlife activity that may be brewing on your property. The best way to get ahead of expensive problems is to notice it early, so being aware of what’s in your yard and keeping it in good shape will help your home in the long run.

Garden your way to relaxation

Yardwork can be hard, but it’s not thankless. Perennial plants, trees, and grasses will come back if given the right environment. Setting yourself up well at the beginning will guarantee less work and more payoff in the future.

Starting a garden is also a great way to increase property value while providing foliage for your yard and food for you. Raised beds are a fantastic investment for smaller spaces and homes with unknown soil.

Adding plants, which can be bought as starts or seeds from your local garden center, will add color and energy to your space. Plus gardening is such a fun activity with the family. I can’t emphasize how much some time amongst plants helps me unwind!

Up your patio game

A few simple changes can totally transform your outdoors. Updating patio furniture and entertaining areas (like your grill) will make your home more inviting, increase its value, and give you space to comfortably socialize.

Think beyond just getting a new set of table and chairs. Updating many aspects of the furnishings can make a world of difference. A new set of seat cushions, a pretty flower pot, or lovely windchime all add to the uniqueness of your home and the tranquility of your deck or yard. An outdoor rug can make what might have been a utilitarian space into one that feels cozy and really ties in to your indoor spaces. Lanterns, candles and throws can add to that indoor/outdoor vibe. Pick one or two colors which associate well with your indoor spaces and you’ll be well on the way to a coherent look.

Finding special spaces

Think about where the sun falls during the day and in the evening. Can you find the perfect spot for a seat where you can enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee in the morning? Is your front porch perfect for 2 chairs where you and a friend can enjoy afternoon tea? When you look at your home, try to imagine all of the different ways you could enjoy it, considering different corners of your yard which might be perfect for relaxation.

Finding special items

Many of these investments don’t have to be costly either – check out end of season sales – or look in some more unusual places. I’ve found some of my favorite pieces at yard sales and second hand stores, which also gives you something which is both an eco-friendly and a unique choice. Look out for items which could act as small occasional tables, for example – even if that was not their original purpose – to add a more curated look.

There are plenty of ways to make a space feel inviting, beautiful, and to have it benefit your home’s value. If you get creative, there’s no limit to what your outdoor space can be!

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