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Bringing Vacations Home

If you’re like me, you typically plan your year around one or two big trips. For my family this has in the past consisted of a short holiday visit home to England around Christmas time (since it’s my favorite time of year) and a summer trip that’s a bit longer. This time always provides invaluable rest and relaxation, but it also presents educational opportunities for my kids and chances to make lasting memories.

As we know too well, Covid-19 has made it challenging to resume activities as we might have inn years past. So how do we still find the valuable time of a getaway and stay safe?

Take a closer look…

Almost every city and town, especially here in Colorado, has a local website and social media pages. They’re run by locals who want residents to get out and enjoy what they have to offer and are usually the most-updated information source for events, classes, and other Covid-safe happenings.

They’re also a great resource to find out what businesses exist near you. A lot of small businesses exist that you might not even know about, but they’re likely in your town’s business registry. Something pique your interest? Reach out and find something new to try.

Branch out…

Look at some of the nearby areas, what exists near you? Natural hot springs, snowshoeing/hiking trails, sledding areas, lakes and waterfalls, scenic driving trails, and nature reserves span across Colorado.

It’s not as easy as hopping on a plane, but local exploration might turn up some real gems! Besides, most outdoor-based activities are safe and a fantastic way to make memories.

Make it a game or a challenge…

As a parent, I know it can be hard to get the kids on board for things, especially when they’re also sad we can’t resume usual activities yet. Making exploring your local area a bit of a challenge (or game) might help interest the younger parties, especially if it’s something you engage in regularly.

Some fun ideas to get the whole family exploring could be:

  • Visit 10 different parks in a 10 mile radius of your home.
  • Get takeout from different restaurants and sample world cuisine.
  • Take sketchbooks around to your favorite spots and record the moment.
  • Walk around your neighborhood looking for little book libraries, different trees or flowers in people’s yards.

Bring vacation to you…

What are the things about taking a vacation (or even just a break) that appeal to you? For me, it’s the great food and drink, the family time, and perhaps the feeling of being in another culture.

While I can’t bring the U.K. into my living room, I CAN watch my favorite British films with my children and enjoy eating scones with tea.

Maybe an Italian night is in your future – use your music streaming service to find authentic music and test out some new recipes and exchange Italian words around the table.

What do you like when you’re vacationing? Are there some ways to bring that home? Music, cuisine, video chatting with friends and family, movies and TV, and aromas (think candles) are powerful ways to help us feel connected and comforted. So take that staycation already!


Whatever you decide, be sure to take some time out for mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing! A happy side effect may be you get more acquainted better with your town and yourself. Stay safe!

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