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Holiday Fun

The holidays are my absolute favorite time of year, and though the pandemic has put a stop to some of my go-to annual festivities, I refuse to let that dampen my holiday spirit! In an effort to spice up the day-to-day and get excited for the holiday season, I have curated a list of amazing activities and ideas to get in the mood! I’m including Niwot events (my favorite!!), ideas for your home, crafts, and a lot more so that we all have something to look forward to!

Holidays in Niwot

I love this little town more than most places in the world and I especially love the Christmas activities I normally get up to like the WINC Holiday Fayre, Enchanted Evening, and The Holiday Parade! Things are looking a little different this year – the WINC Holiday Fayre and the Holiday Parade are going to morph into a fantastic socially distant but fun Holiday Market which will run over 2 weekends in December!

Another thing I think will be perfect is the Holiday Shops at Niwot pop-up retail space. It’s going to include work from small local vendors and give them a space to collaboratively share their wares in the ever-supportive Niwot community! It’s really going to add to our great downtown shopping experience – we can get all of our holiday shopping done without even leaving town!

Holidays in Your Home

It can’t be overstated how much the feeling of your home can affect your disposition. If your home isn’t exuding the holiday spirit, you might not be feeling it either.. I’ve put together some things that I use to help make my home warmer and cheerier!

Decorate: Bringing out holiday colors (blues and silvers, reds and greens, golds and oranges, so many choices!) with small changes like couch pillows, table cloths and napkins, or countertop decorations can make a world of difference. Cozy plaids and cute winter gnomes can add to the holiday decor without feeling specifically attached to a particular holiday.

Craft: Making something for your home is not only fun, but it brings you closer to your home and the people you’re creating with! I love to decorate holiday wreaths with my children. Make Christmas ornaments and give them to your neighbors – or bake some cookies and decorate them with too many Christmas tree sprinkles! And of course I’ll be having plenty of British mince pies and homemade cakes and desserts…

Enjoy: Having a cuppa in the evenings is a family tradition for us, but not everyone has made their own relaxing rituals. I’m here to say, it’s not hard! Make a cup of cocoa and drink it with a peppermint straw on your sofa. Put on fuzzy socks and dance in the kitchen. Use your home spaces to get cozy and have fun, your house and soul will thank you!

Holidays in Our Community

A big part of the holidays for me, and many others, is community. Whether it’s glitzy parties with champagne or small gatherings amongst friends to catch up and share good news, this season brings people together. I don’t know if it’s the shorter days or the colder weather, but I’d rather spend it with people I cherish! Of course we have more challenges this year but meeting up for a an outdoor coffee can still be possible under the sunny Colorado skies – we just need extra layers. And fun can be had via Zoom cocktail parties with friends and family all over the world.

As always, I’m trying to find ways to give back this year. Many people have been affected so drastically by all that’s happened and I feel very fortunate to continue doing what I love to do best. Practicing gratitude and giving back are at the heart of the holidays, so here are some ideas for how!

  • Buy a gift card from a local business (there’s an AMAZING gift card station at Niwot Market) and give it to a friend. Hey, that helps two people!
  • Think of 5 people you know and write them something genuine and kind (on social media or email) about how you met them, what they’ve taught you, or why you like them!
  • Donate old clothes and toys to a holiday food/necessities drive. There are so many along the Front Range, so a simple google search can find one close to you!

Find whatever it is that helps you feel the joy and connectedness of the holiday season and spread it far and wide! The world is in need of love and peace more than most things. I’ll be doing my best to share the good cheer, and I hope you’ll join me!

Wishing you all the best this holiday season!!

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