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Where we are right now…..

As we all know too well, these times have been filled with ups and downs. We all see the effects in a multitude of different ways. For me it’s through the lens of my real estate business, my role in the community of Niwot and also as a parent.

What’s happening in real estate?

Despite the times, real estate is still moving along with homes buying and selling along with myriad extra precautions put in place for all processes involved. This has also meant that I am among the lucky few, able to work in a safe environment and still getting to do what I love!

I recognize this is a privilege and I am doing everything in my power to keep my staff and the public we interact with safe. This is absolutely key while I continue working on the things that can be worked on. For me, it’s so important to keep going so that we can all get through this and be better in the end!

How we work within our community

I really feel the obligation to help keep participating in things through the it all.

Contributing to the local economy is part of my volunteer responsibility as Vice President of the Niwot Business Association (NBA). Times are tougher all of our small businesses and I have collaborated through the NBA with a lot of local restaurants and stores on issues which concern them, whether that be to safety practices, mask wearing in public, and working with fellow business owners on activities to generate attention and success.

Amidst the chaos of a pandemic and so much economic uncertainty, I enjoyed working with a group of likeminded business people to launch a new event: The Niwot Sidewalk Sale. This event was such a huge success -with live music and socially distant community gathering – that we decided to repeat it. I just love seeing the buzz come back to Niwot. 

I also worked on the Gift Card Program at Niwot Market which features local businesses. In an effort to make it easier to support local shops and eateries a trip to the market can now give folks a way to support many other small independent businesses – and I think this will be great in the run up to the holidays too!

Keeping our family positive

I realize, of course, it’s not all sunshine and success. It is so tough on families still unable to get together… I too, am feeling the sting of missing my usual trip to the U.K. to visit my family.

That said, it’s been a good opportunity to try to build fun memories with the kids and thinking of creative ways to connect through distanced coffees, Zoom happy hours, and fundraisers like the one my son, Ollie created!

I am feeling solidarity as all us parents navigate a new type of schooling this Fall. Things are so different and we all have different feelings about what we’ll do for our children. It’s so important that we support each other in our various decisions to make things work best for our families!!

What CAN we do?

I just keep coming back to my long-held mantra: Focus on what you CAN do, take positive steps, make changes if you need to, but keep going. I will continue to do what I can for myself, my family, my business and team, and my community, and I hope I can inspire and help you to do the same! If we all work together, we will make it through to something brighter!

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