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Travel Tips and Packing Checklist


☐ Check your passport ~ Is it valid for 6 months AFTER your RETURN date?

☐ Take a picture of your Passport, license and Hotel Confirmation with your phone

☐ Let your credit card company know you’re traveling ~ They freak easily these days

☐ Check with your cell phone company about international texting/calling ~ Load an App for free calling (Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber)

☐ Take $1 bills for tipping ~ ATM Cash or change won’t be in USD & there are fees

☐ Carry meds in your carry-on ~ Don’t pack anything valuable you can’t lose…..

☐ Pack light, and then cut that in half ☐ Take ‘costume’ jewelry ~ Leave your real stuff at home

☐ Check the TSA website for a current list of banned items

☐ Travel in comfortable shoes that easily slip on and off

☐ Carry-on an empty water bottle/container (fill it after you’re thru security)

☐ Use a luggage tag and/or ribbon to easily identify your luggage

☐ Pack lightweight earphones for movies on the plane

☐ Bring a Sarong/Pareo ~ They are incredibly versatile (Work that Jagger look)

☐ Get a neck pillow … So your don’t have baby head the whole way home

☐ Carry a small/basic first aid kit: aspirin, anti-itch cream and band-aids

☐ Keep yourself hydrated – or risk missing dinner(s)

☐ Order a room service sandwich for your return flight ~ Airport food is pricey & lousy

For Your Carry-On Bag:

☐ Airline tickets or e-ticket confirmation

☐ Hotel & Transfers reservation confirmations

☐ Passport/Visas/Driver’s License

☐ Credit Card… Visa or MasterCard are most widely accepted

☐ Photocopies of all of the above, PLUS a photocopy of any prescriptions in the event you need an emergency refill while on vacation

☐ Phone numbers for your credit card companies (in case your cards are lost or stolen)

☐ Prescription medicine (important – keep it in the original bottle)

☐ Contraception ☐ Charging equipment/cords for electronics

☐ Headset for movie/audio book on the plane (most international flights show movies)

☐ Sarong or Pareo (for the plane, which can get cold)

☐ Your swimsuit, sandals and a cover-up, just in case your room is not ready

☐ And….don’t bring valuable jewelry. Everyone is the same barefoot 🙂

HER things to pack:

☐ Khakis (for casual evenings that may be chillier than days)

☐ A sundress ☐ An evening cocktail dress

☐ A lightweight sweater/shawl/blazer (pareos work great & can double as a swimsuit cover-up)

☐ 4 casual shirts (T-shirts, tank tops, short-sleeve button-downs, etc.)

☐ 2 pairs shorts

☐ 2 swimsuits

☐ A swimsuit cover-up (again, pareos work great & can double as a shawl in the evenings)

☐ Comfortable walking shoes/sandals (you may wind up walking a bit if you go shopping or sightseeing)

☐ Evening shoes/sandals

☐ Evening purse

☐ 1 pair flip flops (for beach or poolside)

☐ Extra socks and underwear

☐ Bras (don’t forget a strapless one if you’ve packed a top or dress that needs it)

☐ Accessories (scarves/jewelry to “stretch” your wardrobe)

HIS things to pack:

☐ Consider Polyester. It’s not just for breakfast anymore

☐ 1 pair jeans or khakis

☐ 1 pair nice slacks

☐ Light jacket or pullover (easily tie it around waist or stuff into backpack)

☐ 4 casual shirts (T-shirts or short-sleeve button-downs)

☐ 2 walking Shorts

☐ 2 polo or button-down short-sleeve shirts

☐ Sports jacket (for nicer restaurants, some do require them)

☐ Swimsuits

☐ Comfortable walking shoes or sandals

☐ Nice shoes – black sneakers can look good

☐ Flip flops ☐ Extra socks and underwear Both hers & his to pack:

☐ Sunscreen and lip balm

☐ Sunglasses

☐ Sun hat and/or baseball cap

☐ Sleepwear

☐ Paperback books

☐ Tablet or IPad (NOTE: you can get a sunburn from a reflection)

☐ A canvas beach bag or lightweight day-pack

☐ A small money belt or fanny pack to hold cash, credit cards, etc.

☐ Local Guidebook, if you go exploring

☐ Disposable camera (good photos & avoids having an expensive camera damaged or stolen) Basic Toiletries: (use travel-sized containers whenever possible & carry-on size is limited to 3oz)

☐ Toothpaste

☐ Toothbrushes

☐ Deodorant

☐ Cosmetics

☐ Make-up remover

☐ Cotton balls and swabs

☐ Comb/brush

☐ Hair gel/spray

☐ Emory/Nail file & nail clippers

☐ Shaving cream

☐ Razors

☐ Contact lens and re-wetting solution, storage case

☐ Hair accessories – clips, headbands, etc.

☐ Buy or pack a small first-aid kit that contains: Band-Aids, Aspirin, Antacid, Anti-inch cream, Antihistamine, Insect repellent, Diarrhea medicine, Motion sickness medicine, Aloe Vera, Tampons/pads (can be difficult to find outside the US)

Optional Items:

☐ Shampoo, conditioner, body wash/soap

☐ Body lotion

☐ Hair dryer

☐ Shower cap

☐ Alarm clock Convenient Extras: (nice to have, but not necessary)

☐ Extra asthma inhaler, pair of glasses/contacts and the like

☐ Ziploc bags (for wet swimsuits or clothes)

☐ Earplugs

☐ Sewing kit

☐ Shout Wipes or Tide Stick (instant stain-treatment)

☐ Anti-bacterial liquid or lotion (hand sanitizer)

☐ Eye Drops (get the red out)

☐ 1 pair old sneakers that can get wet or left behind

☐ 1 pair workout sneakers and 2-3 workout outfits if you plan on getting your sweat on

☐ Compact umbrella or rain poncho

Very Important:

Email yourself – or take a picture with your phone – Share with family/close friends

☐ Your airline and hotel confirmation and important phone numbers

☐ Photocopies of your passport, license and credit cards

☐ Insurance-policy numbers and pertinent financial info

☐ Remember to keep your personal info locked in your hotel safe & remove your belongings from the safe when you depart!

Additional Know Before You Go:

Get the 4-1-1 on Luggage:

☐ Most airlines charge bag fees, sometimes even for your carry-on

☐ Check your weight limit of bags or pay an extra fee

☐ Check your carry-on size limitations

What to Expect at Security:

☐ Shoes off

☐ Electronics out

☐ Liquids are limited to 3 oz.

☐ No water/beverages – empty water bottle/container okay

☐ Everything out of pockets

☐ If metal on jeans or shirt, you may get pulled aside for wand


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